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A company’s success depends upon not just a vision, but the teams who carry out the vision. Teamwork is the cornerstone to success. This why at Centercourt we strive to foster a culture of teamwork that allows our employees to thrive and grow. Hiring the right people, training them for excellence and giving them room to grow and innovate is what sets us apart. Together we are unstoppable.

Aurelien Foussier

Donald Massey

Jaime Ferriero

Jorge Solodkin

Kayla Henderson

Kelsey Hall

Richy Bailey

Bernadette Pio

Adela Carvajal Chavez

Matt Warner

Mike Kuzma

Sapir Aloush

Kahlil Calloway

Rachel Galante

Ken Morton-Veerasawmy

Jessica Gatti

Emily Burd

Christina Fabiano

Cara Marcoux

Ann Marie Davies

Tim Clifford

Carli Backlund

Ken Molnar

Brad Kessler

Michael Rogers

Ben Steel

Eddie Mejia

Lou Clemente

Jim Maher

Matt Belford

Dave Gallagher

Pat Scarpello

Lauren Casciano

Joe Moore

Christian Scarpello

Joey Sardinas

Chris Blough

Vivianne Bolen

Terrance Fox

Patra Acquaviva

Laura Brand Sias

Manj Singh

Chris Blough

Jessica McGinn

Betsy Dougherty

Beth Larkin

Ginny Capicchioni

Jihanne “JIJI” Radzieski

Kim Christos

Todd Anderson

Sean Cahill

Ming Cheng

Jose Funes

Conrad Singh

Cinto Casanova

Adrian Contreras

Adam Borr

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We are only as good as our team!

Centercourt Sports is constantly seeking passionate sports professionals interested in pursuing a career in youth sports. Are you dedicated to improving and inspiring young athletes of all skills and ages on a daily basis? Please inquire about available positions by contacting us at