Adrian Contreras

My favorite sports event/memory/moment is ………..watching Tomas Muster practice for half an hour on half a court with Carlos Moya at the Indian Wells Master Series Tournament. What is relevant about it was that as the hit progressed Tomas didn’t miss a single shot! Carlos missed a few as expected in a warm up hit. Tomas went through the entire warm up routine with maximum intensity, great footwork and concentration… forehands, backhands, volleys, overheads, and even serves without missing a single shot. As I saw them leaving the court I thought to myself: “that’s what training and preparation is all about. Every shot counts”. Being a young coach at that time, that was a lesson I will never forget.

Adrian Contreras is the Director of High Performance Tennis in Morristown at Centercourt. Adrian is also currently the National Coach for the Mexican Davis Cup Team and the Captain of the Junior Mexican Davis Cup Team. He has also been the National Coach for the Mexican Tennis Federation Junior Teams and the Captain of the World University Games Tennis Team for Mexico in past years. He has published articles on tennis coaching and mental toughness for Tennis Life, Tennis Australia and Flash Tennis. Adrian has been a Tennis Director at other New York area tennis academies. Additionally, he is a keynote speaker at high performance coaching conferences in Mexico.

Adrian also earned DUX (the highest coaching grade available) when studied the Tennis Australia Levels 1 and 2 Coaching Courses. Adrian graduated from New Mexico State University where he played the number one position in both singles and doubles. Adrian holds a masters degree in Sports Psychology at Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain.