Cinto Casanova

My favorite sports event/memory/moment is… to be able to share the court with so many top players in the sport at the ATP 1000 Shanghai Rolex Masters. I have been very fortunate to learn firsthand from the players behind the scenes and learn some of the secrets while helping them in their warm ups and match preparations.

Cinto Casanova from Barcelona Spain is our Director of Coaching & Elite Coach at Centercourt. He has worked all over the world with all levels of players for more than 20 years. He is also renowned as an expert in the development of players using an intense and dynamic personal style with his roots in Spanish and Australian philosophies of coaching.

His main areas of expertise on court are Skill Acquisition and Movement, emphasizing the essentials of fundamental skills and coordination as well as technical proficiency. His on-court energy and positivity are infectious. Coach Casanova leads by example in everything he does. He is also a specialist in Intensity Development and Footwork for players.

Coach Casanova has attended and presented all over the world and has shared his knowledge and ideas through numerous International Conferences and Magazine Articles.

Casanova holds Bachelor Degrees in Sports Science. He also has numerous coaching Licenses and Certifications in different top organizations in the sport like Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association, PTR, GPTCA or the Spanish Tennis Federation.

He will often mix skill development exercises and physical training on court to help develop the technical skills of tennis. He is also an expert in cognitive skill training and its relationship with tactics.

Coach Casanova has helped many young players to break through and become successful National and International players.

He believes the key for success as a coach and an academy is being able to deliver a great program consistently. Coach Casanova is fluent in English, Spanish and Mandarin and speaks functional Japanese.