Adela Carvajal Chavez

My favorite sports memory/moment/event is….my collection of great sports memories every weekend throughout my childhood and teenage years. My father used to wake me and my sister up at 6.00 am to start our day full of sport. I remember running at least 5 km, followed by a 5 km bike ride, an hour of tennis, 15 laps at the pool and after lunch around 4 pm we would play at least 9 golf holes with him depending on sunset time. My father was and still is a firm believer of “ A healthy mind in a healthy body”. Also whenever we did family travel we would go to soccer games or baseball games in the city that we were visiting. He certainly made sure to teach us the importance of sports in our lives. I firmly believe that sports activities are a fantastic way to create unforgettable family moments for this reason providing top quality sports and recreational activities is key for family life and society.

Adela Carvajal Chavez obtained a bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Universidad de las Americas-Puebla Mexico.  She has enjoyed working in the hospitality industry in places such as the Walt Disney World Resorts in Florida, hotels in the Mayan Riviera and Sports Clubs in Mexico and China. She took care of special events and supporting catering services, as well as,  public relations and customer service.

She loves to meet and be in contact with people from different cultures and backgrounds and learning new languages is her passion. Her thought is that speaking to a customer in their mother tongue certainly makes them feel comfortable and at ease. Her experience and knowledge of German, French, English and Chinese allowed her to work for  transnational corporations  within the challenging and ever changing automotive industry. She worked for Volkswagen de Mexico and Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze within the Logistics, General Direction and Sales Management areas.

She truly enjoys reading books and watching documentaries about history and of course visits every historical site wherever she travels.

During her free tim she loves to go swimming (her favorite sport), play golf, teach German and go to the movies.