Aurelien Foussier

My favorite sports memory/moment/event is… the first time I competed was at the France Karate Championship at Pierre de Coubertin Stadium in Paris.  It was my first time in front of a thousand people watching me compete in the final.  I remember entering the tatami with the Music playing and the crowd clapping.  It was incredible.  I didn’t win this championship, but I had the crowd on my side and my Coach, who was the World Champion at the time, came to me at the end and gave me a huge hug.  I felt so proud.  When my Coach died the next year I felt so sad, but I  honored him by competing again and taking home the French Karate Championship.

Aurelien was a Martial Arts athlete on the French National team.  He has practiced karate for 31 years and has achieved his second Black Belt.  He is the former French and International Champion of karate.  He loves all kinds of sports, especially extreme sports (mountain biking, canyoning, bungee jumping) and intense roller coasters. 

He has been a Karate Teacher for 14 years, including being the Elite Regional Karate Coach for France and training Martial Arts Athletes on the French National Team.

He loves Ninja Warrior because it is one of the best ways to activate and work all of the physical qualities that every athlete needs.  For him, Mixed Martial Arts and Ninja Warrior will build the ultimate athlete, regardless of their specific sport. He uses Functional Training, Strength, Plyometrics, Mobility, Proprioception, Agility, Speed, and Balance to create a regimen that feels less like “working out” and more like playing and learning with passion.  

As a Physical Trainer for the last 13 years, Aurelien has been a Fitness Coach and a Les Mills instructor.  For the last 2 years, he has specialized in understanding how the sensitivity of motion and cognitive intelligence work together to create each individual athlete’s best performance.  He works to find the movements that are a natural fit to each athlete’s unique body and mind in order to avoid injuries in the long term and to reconnect the athlete to their own natural movement profile.  With the understanding that everyone is unique, it is sometimes necessary to retrain athletes to move properly for optimal performance.  In this new area of training the whole athlete, Aurelien has worked with professional handball, equestrian, soccer and basketball athletes.  His passion is to watch all of the mechanical movements of the athlete, then build and create specific exercises for them that mix mental and physical elements.