Joey Sardinas


My favorite sports memory/moment/event is…. the thrill of victory is amongst my favorite sports memories but I’ve learned that it is in defeat that we learn the most about ourselves. I was 14 years-old and we had just lost a district final in baseball. I remember sitting in the dugout watching the other team celebrate and thinking about everything I could have done differently to help my team win. It’s the same feeling I get while losing a big pickleball match that makes the victories so much sweeter. At 14 I learned a lesson about working hard and leaving it all out on the field – something that translates to my life till to this day.

You can always find Joey Sardinas playing pickleball amongst what he calls his pickle family. While he considers himself a good pickleball player his greatest accomplishment in pickleball is the hundreds of new friends that have become his second family. He has a killer forehand and great reflexes but more importantly it’s about having a good time at all times. Every day that he gets to play pickleball is a blessing.

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