Lauren Casciano


My favorite sports event/memory/moment is…. learning as a child that dedication, drive, talent, and love of the game are what make one successful. My father was a phenomenal athlete, and he taught me that you can overcome your physical limitations by working hard. My father is not a big man, and I’m sure it must have been daunting for him to be up against men who were taller and stronger than he was. However, he was able to overcome this disadvantage and ultimately earn the leading batting average on the East Coast in college. My brother, who has the same build, helped lead his baseball team to win the state championships in high school. I, in turn, was a starter on my high school soccer team, where we won the county championships. It was the can-do attitude of my father that taught us to never give up, never make excuses, and if you have the drive you can make great things happen. I see this every day in the wonderful people I have met playing pickleball – people who, despite any limitation, find ways to do what they love and do it well.

Lauren brings several years of pickleball experience to Centercourt. To date, she has competed in more than 20 tournaments and has medaled in 14 separate events. Her passion and dedication to the game is evident to everyone she plays with. She loves meeting new pickleball players and has played in many places throughout the state, enjoying the connections she has made and thrilled to be part of the growing pickleball community. She looks forward to continuing to grow this community at Centercourt. Lauren holds a bachelor’s degree in communication from Rutgers University and has a master’s degree in education. She lives in Westfield with her husband and her two sons.

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