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Committed to nurturing both the individual growth and collective success of our players, our staff & coaches bring a wealth of knowledge, passion, and unwavering support to every practice and game. Their expertise extends beyond the field, instilling values of sportsmanship, resilience, and teamwork in each athlete. With a focus on skill development, strategic play, and fostering a positive team culture, our coaches at Centercourt are not just mentors but champions of each player's journey.

Kim Christos

Jihanne “JIJI” Radzieski

Ginny Capicchioni

Beth Larkin

Betsy Dougherty

Jessica McGinn

Laura Brand Sias

Patra Acquaviva

Vivianne Bolen

Bernadette Pio

Kayla Henderson



Laura Sias
Taylor Noonan
Christine Dilullo
Kayla Henderson
Michelle Poole
Tara Nolan
Will Fratto
Stephanie Linder
Meredith Finkelstein
Alyssa Beier
Aileen Musynske


Jess McGinn
Helen McCutcheon
Jess Plsek
Meg Keown
Matt Daly
Rob Starr
Mollie McCormack
Kate Struble


Beth Larkin
Michelle McGinniss
Kelly McGinniss
Colleen Warner
Kate Cole
Erinn Jenkins
Tina Torsiello
Julia Short
Greg Castor


Mt. Olive

Vivianne Bolen
Jiji Radzieski
Jeff Heimbach
Jacqui Hallack
Amber Gonzalez
Kayla Shakespeare
Kayla Sebastian
Alex Tepper
Maggie Tilves
Gina Verrone
Briana Zima


Betsy Dougherty
Mary Ann Foley
Kileigh Pfluger
Maddy Spratt
Rebecca Joseph
Kate Dougherty