About Girls Lacrosse

Centercourt Girls Lacrosse

Our Mission

Centercourt Girls Lacrosse originated in 2014 and was founded by Kim Christos, a former collegiate player and coach. Her vision of building an elite training and club structure aligned perfectly with Centercourt’s motto, “Commitment to Excellence.” At the core of everything our leadership team instills is this commitment to excellence. Our coaching staff, facilities, and training curriculums, are all top-notch. Everything we do is with integrity and putting our players first.

Centercourt Lacrosse Club (CLC) was established in 2016 with our first graduating teams in 2020. CLC is the fastest-growing club in New Jersey and currently offers teams in six of our Centercourt locations:

CLC Elite, CLC Bold, CLC Force, CLC Grit, CLC Impact, CLC Pride & CLC Rise


Why CLC?

CLC is a lacrosse club that provides training and tournament play for both elite and regional teams throughout the year. The club is managed by a Leadership Team of Directors who operate from their Centercourt-owned facility. Each director has chosen an empowering name to represent their unique team culture. This structure ensures that as CLC continues to expand, each athlete receives the attention and feedback necessary to continue striving towards their athletic goals.

Why Clc?

Our Coaching Staff

The directors at each location collaborate to provide amazing playing and training opportunities for our club members. Each location is led by established professionals who bring their unique style and culture to their respective teams. Our shared philosophy is to teach and mentor our athletes in the sport of lacrosse while also empowering them to be confident, to develop leadership skills and to establish strong character. Within this structure, each club member receives the attention and feedback they need to grow and develop into an elite player.


    Our directors have coached at 15 universities & colleges combined & the top High Schools in NJ!


    Coaching is our career; We Mentor our athletes from 3rd grade throughout their HS & collegiate careers!

  • CARE

    We truly care about our athletes dreams and are committed to helping them set & reach their goals!

Why CLC?

Training & Development


    We focus on each athlete's development to help them improve & conquer the skills & concepts of the game. With our holistic approach to training, we focus on the physical, mental and emotional well being of the athlete with a true mentoring relationship with our players.


    We challenge our athletes at every training session to push themselves & their teammates. By establishing a supportive and encouraging training environment, our athletes are not afraid to make mistakes. Our “Go for it” approach to training, players are rewarded for trying new things and different positions. In this atmosphere, players develop confidence in themselves and their teammates and become tenacious and aggressive on the field.


    Our coaches have the expertise to increase the athlete's skill set at every ability level. Four of our directors are former World Cup Players! The best high school coaches want to come to Centercourt to learn & grow from them. Players from all clubs come to Centercourt for high level training. The reason is clear, our knowledge of the game and the way we teach it to our players cannot compare elsewhere.

Why CLC?

College Recruiting


    Our directors have over 50 years combined of college coaching where we have established relationships and connections with college coaches across the nation. Our directors have coached and played at the top universities in the country including Boston College, Notre Dame, Penn, Florida, William & Mary, Brown, Louisville, Rutgers, Fairfield, Columbia, Notre Dame, Michigan, Penn State, Loyola.


    We listen to our athletes and help them navigate the ever changing recruitment process. Now, more than ever, the high school athlete needs guidance and mentoring to find the “Perfect fit” for each unique athlete.


    Each athlete receives a Sports Recruits membership where they create their own personalized academic & athletic profile. Our directors & coaches aid in helping each athlete create their profile and highlight reels.

Who We Are

Our Core Principles

Coach Christos chose the name CLC to embody the core principles that she and her leadership team strive to instill in their players: strong character, leadership skills, and confidence. These core principles form the foundation of CLC's mission to develop skilled lacrosse players and nurture individuals with qualities that extend beyond the playing field.

Club Lacrosse

The CLC Pathway

The CLC Pathway can begin in kindergarten and go through our athlete's college years. Many of our club players return to train and coach with us!

  • CLC Starters


  • CLC Academy


  • CLC Regional Teams


  • CLC Elite Teams


  • Committed Academy


  • College League Play