Girls Lacrosse

Training Programs

Centercourt Girls Lacrosse Programs are divided into four categories: Core, Positional, Specialty, and Academy. These programs cater to players of all skill levels, ranging from K-12. Whether you are a beginner just starting to play lacrosse, an intermediate player who wishes to improve their skill set, or an advanced player seeking a challenge, we have a program tailored to meet your needs!

Girls Lacrosse

Core Programs

Core Programs aim to teach the fundamentals and techniques of the game through repetition and implementation in game situations.

  • K-2 CLC Starters
  • Core Skills
  • Stickwork Academy
  • HS Power Hour
Girls Lacrosse

Positional programs

Positional programs provide specialized technical and tactical training for players based on their position on the field.

  • Art of 1v1
  • Sharpshooters
  • Dynamic Defense
  • Goalie Training
  • Draw Training
Girls Lacrosse

Specialty Programs

Specialty Programs are unique training opportunities designed for a specific target audience or offered for a limited time.

  • Elite Level Training
  • College Concepts
  • Committed Academy
  • MS/HS Boot Camps
  • Box

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