Field hockey programs

The Centercourt Field Hockey program offers year-round youth classes for all ages and levels to learn the fundamentals of the game and improve their skills. Our experienced coaches foster individual growth, making us the ultimate destination for mastering lacrosse while building lasting friendships.

Core Programs

MiniStix (K-2)

The Mini Stix program uses a fun and interactive approach to introduce and continue learning the sport of Field Hockey. Players learn the fundamental skills of the game which include proper form, ball & stick control, tackling, receiving/trapping, and passing. Offensive and defensive concepts are also covered through age-appropriate games and competitions. Designed for beginners and/or a couple of years of experience.

Youth Skills (3rd-8th)

Youth  Skills is a comprehensive program to teach the game of field hockey. Skills will include stickwork, offensive &  defensive tactics, and game strategy. The program emphasizes both individual skills and team dynamics, contributing to the well-rounded development of young field hockey players.

Skills & Scrimmages:

Youth(5th-8th), High School(9th-12th)

This program is a great opportunity to elevate your skills and overall game. Proven to accelerate your development and competitiveness, this training program is for players looking to advance their level of play in technical skills and tactical concepts.  

Positional Programs

Advanced Attacking

Advanced attacking focuses on developing footwork and stick skills to help you get to the cage, while also improving your shot's power, precision, and placement. This program will enhance your 1v1 skills and your shooting repertoire by providing creative finishing tactics and repetitions.

Dynamic Defense

We will highlight footwork and agility to help improve your 1v1 skills while also teaching defensive concepts.  Spatial awareness, anticipation, and transitioning the ball will all be included in this defensively-focused session.  Great for middies, defenders, or any player looking to better their game.

Goalkeeping Academy

At Centercourt Field Hockey, we recognize how important goalkeepers are to the success of any team. The Goalkeeper Academy will emphasize all goalkeepers' techniques and topics such as decision-making, clearing with a purpose, slides, penalty strokes, angles, and footwork. Every session is designed with the sole purpose of developing keepers!


High School Specialty Skills

The Specialty Skills program at Centercourt is designed to elevate your game by intensively focusing on individual skills. This class is tailored for players looking to add and refine special skills and tricks to enhance their overall performance.

Pre-Season Boot Camps (6th-HS)

Intensive training to prepare you for your upcoming fall season! Each session includes: Footwork, stickskills, and small-sided FAST PACED play along with a focus on different game concepts each day!

Skills & Conditioning (7th-HS)

Field hockey requires a combination of physical attributes and skills. Field hockey involves continuous action, quick transitions, and rapid decision-making. This clinic will focus on speed, agility, and quickness drills, strengthening the proper muscles for players, along with techniques for ball control and maintaining procession.