Girls field hockey

Club Teams


Elite Club Teams

Location: Mt. Olive

Elite Club teams will be based out of Mt. Olive for the Spring Season. These teams consist of the more advanced and technically proficient players that will represent Centercourt at major events, such as Shooting Stars, College tournaments, Regional Club Championships and Leagues. Roster spots are limited due to the level of competition and restrictions when entering events. Spring Season will begin around March 19th and run until June 18th. (the season is extended if the team qualifies for Nationals).


Regional Club teams

Locations: Montclair and Morristown

We have two locations, one in Montclair and the other in Morristown, where we offer Regional Club teams. Our teams are designed for two types of players - those who are just below the elite level of the teams at Mt. Olive, and those who are new to the world of club field hockey and want to gain exposure and experience in advanced training and tactics within a competitive environment.


Academy Teams

Gillette and Marlboro

Gillette and Marlboro Academy Teams serve as a feeder to the club and also act as an option for players who are not yet ready for the commitment and level of club teams. These teams will have an open sign-up option as well as assessment of players who attended club try-outs. The teams will practice once a week and play either internal scrimmages between facilities or against local club teams that are appropriate for their level.

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A player can choose to attend any facility to be evaluated and all are eligible for elite teams at Mt. Olive. The same can be said for those only attending Mt. Olive facility try-outs. If a player is not offered a spot on the Elite club teams, they are still evaluated and offered a spot at either Morristown or Montclair based on their performance and level we feel will best suit their growth and development.