about Field Hockey

Our Mission

Centercourt Field Hockey & Club Teams (CFHC)

Centercourt Field Hockey's mission is to grow the game in the Garden State while developing the skill level of each and every player. Our mission is to create a challenging field hockey environment that pushes each player to a new level of ability, as we are firm in the belief that progress in field hockey, as in life, happens outside the comfort zone.


Centercourt Field Hockey Club

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Our Approach

    We approach our teams' seasons with the mentality that more practice than games is an internationally recognized principle of a program rooted in player development and not scoreboard measurements.

  • Practices Twice A Week

    Teams practice twice a week for up to two-hour sessions for each season, making us double the practice hours than most other clubs.

  • League Play & Showcases

    Teams participate in various leagues and the College Showcases in the Fall and Spring seasons

  • Competitive Events & Tournaments

    Teams participate in our own hosted indoor tournaments as well as National events.

Meet Your Coaches

Our Dedicated
Coaching Staff

No matter the journey, our coaching staff is there every step of the way providing both a fun and competitive environment that allows for the love of the game to grow across all the varying stages and paths our players are on.