Full Time Tennis: Player Development

Full Time Tennis: Player Development


The Centercourt Full Time Tennis Academy gives student-athletes the opportunity to pursue their passion for tennis while keeping up with their academic responsibilities. The Centercourt Academy facilitates our athletes’ training needs, competitive schedule and balanced academic curriculum.

Tennis is the platform and cornerstone of The Centercourt Full Time Tennis Academy. Our culture of excellence and leadership gives players the best environment to develop and win. Our coaches create a tailored path for each of our student- athletes to prepare them for their toughest matches and to showcase their abilities during the college recruiting process. We strive to encourage athletes to embody the dedication, passion and desire to achieve excellence - all traits which make up the Centercourt athlete. Our coaching staff and mentors focus on instilling the foundation of strong character, good sportsmanship and a positive attitude to be the best athlete and person.

The physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the game are all incorporated into every practice. We encourage the mentality that tennis is played with the ‘eyes’, then the ‘mind’, then the ‘legs’ and finally with the ‘hands’. At the Academy we apply training systems geared in this direction every day.

During training, coaches allot times dedicated to each aspect of the game: technical, strategic, physical, and mental. All training is carried out with a clear objective, applying the maximum concentration, with no differentiation in this between training and competitive matches.


  1. Coaching: Our qualified and professional staff are dedicated to providing the best opportunity to all athletes.
  2. Schooling: We provide multiple platforms for our student-athletes to succeed academically
  3. High Performance Training - The Centercourt Method:

    A) Technical/Physical

    • Proper Footwork Patterns - Playing from the ground up
    • Developing the first 4 shots - Serve and Return emphasis in every practice
    • Development of forehand as a weapon
    • Strong fundamentals are reinforced in every practice

    B) Tactical/Mental - Live Ball Drilling Directional Training

    • Tempo training
    • 2 on 1 drills
    • Modified competitive situations

    C) Match play - Emotional - Competition Portion of Practice

    • Rituals including towels and in-between point thoughts
    • Breathing
    • Focus on process and not results
    • Sportsmanship
    • Winning ugly
    • Learning to carry momentum throughout a match

For more information on the program please contact our Program Director Conrad Singh at conrad@centercourtclub.com