Full Time Tennis: Training Schedule

Full Time Tennis: Training Schedule

Training Expectations

Our daily vigorous training schedule is composed of 3 major modules. All of these modules play an important role in developing the Centercourt Full Time Academy Athlete.

Module #1: Drilling

Our objective is to provide our athletes with the right balance of drill work in small groups. The advantage of our drill work is that the time is fun and pressure free. Athletes excel in the advantageous environment without the interference of mind or competition. This allows coaching staff to find strengths and weaknesses that can be focused upon in later training.

Module #2: Compete

Our players are forced to reach higher limits and apply the skills, tools and techniques from their knowledge and skillsets during match play. Most importantly, our players gain a competitive edge that leads to success in competition.

Module #3: Evolve

Centercourt utilizes various tools to enhance every player’s development. We ensure athlete development through the technical, physical, mental, and emotional requirements of the sport.

Strength and Conditioning

Centercourt has a team of 6 Strength and Conditioning coaches who are focused on our athlete’s physical development. Our staff’s mission is to reduce injury and enhance performance. In the interest of each athlete’s unique needs, custom training regimens are written and their progress is rigorously tracked. Our training programs are based on extensive research in high performance training and customized for the player based on tournament schedules, on court training loads, injury history, and personal athletic strengths and weaknesses.

Mental Training

Centercourt provides our full time student-athletes with mental training sessions. Our mental training introduces specific topics every session that cover areas such as: focus, controllables, uncontrollables, and attitude. Our mental training sessions provide specific plans for each athlete to follow and track.

In addition, we provide sessions for our parents and educate them on their role in sports. These sessions focus on topics such as sportsmanship, sport specialization, and empowering student-athletes.

Mentorship Program

Our goal is to build the best support team around each of our athletes. Our mentorship program creates conditions that facilitate player development on court, personal growth, and success in their academics. Mentors act as a primary link for school, sport, and home as well as role models for their athletes. Each student athlete is assigned a coach, academic, and fitness mentor to serve as touchstones until they graduate from Centercourt Sports Academy.

Mentors will make every effort to track and plan all aspects of the player’s development including technical, tactical, mental, and physical training as well as their tournament schedule. The Coach Mentor also drives conversations between the Academic Mentors and the Fitness Mentors to gain a comprehensive view of each student-athlete. Every mentor works with their players to instill the core values of our program - commitment, integrity, hard work, and excellence. Consistent communication plays a vital role in the player development, solidifies direction and trust between the Centercourt staff and the player as well as his/her family. Our partnerships from the athletes first day at Centercourt until their graduation, we share the responsibility of your children’s growth and development. We at Centercourt are committed to create a system and environment that breeds success!

Tournament Travel

Centercourt Sports Academy offers tournament travel and coaching to USTA, ITF, and ATP/WTA tournaments. Our players enter tournaments based on coach’s recommendations and are fully supported in all tournaments they enter. All travel arrangements and logistics for every athlete for their tournaments are arranged by the Academy. This allows the coaches to coach, players to play and parents to focus on the preparation for the tournament and have security in their arrangements.


Full Time Boarding Player Daily Schedule

Monday - Friday

6:00 - 6:30AMBreakfast
7:15 - 9:30AMAcademics
9:30 -11:30AMOn Court | Session 1| Techinical
11:30 - 1:30PMLunch | Rest | Recover | Extra Study
1:30 - 3:30PMOn court | Session 2 | Competitive
3:30 - 4:30PMStrength and Conditioning

Weekend Schedule

8:00 - 11:00AMOn Court | Competitive play
11:00 - 12:00PMLunch
12:00PMUSTA | UTR Matchplay

*Schedule subject to change

For more information on the program please contact our Program Director Conrad Singh at conrad@centercourtclub.com