Full Time Tennis: Academics

Full Time Tennis: Academics

At Centercourt we promote an ethos of hard work and perseverance which exposes each student’s passions in the classroom and propels their success in becoming a self-sufficient academic. Our college preparatory classes challenge the athletes academically when they are off court. Centercourt has four private online schooling options for our student athletes; The Dwight School, Laurel Spring, K12 Private Academy, and ICL Academy. Our education options and academic philosophies continually evolve to meet the needs of the 21st Century student, and the rigorous training schedules of our athletes. Our athlete’s educational experience is unbridled by any other sports academy in the area. Our Academy Center is staffed by the Director and Academic Support Specialists, who reinforce the material and objectives set forth by our partner school. These individualized and personal interactions in conjunction with the online learning model, optimize learning opportunities for each student athlete.

The full-time academic program at Centercourt begins with a morning academic session and an afternoon study hall where students’ attention is directed to their online courses with the supervision and assistance of our academic personnel. Similar to a traditional educational model, student-athletes are expected to complete any assignments not completed during their school day, at home. Academic Mentors coordinate with the coaches to evaluate and plan each student’s workload and training schedules to maximize both training and academic times.

Centercourt’s Academic Center is comprised of Academic Support Specialists as well as the Director of Student Services. In addition to the regular schedule of academic time, we offer additional academic support in tutoring for regular classes, as well as ACT/SAT prep. With our unique approach to education, set Academic hours and support, our students are maximizing their potential in the classroom.

College Placement/Recruiting

We understand the importance of the college recruiting process and finding the right fit for all of our student athletes. Our team of coaches work with each player and family to put them in an optimal situation to be recruited that best fits their academic and athletic needs. Centercourt utilizes a vast network of collegiate coaches to assist our players. Our alumni also serve as a valuable resource for our current athletes throughout the process. We pride ourselves on our 100% graduation rate as well as 100% college placement. Most of our student-athletes go to college on scholarships.