Our Philosophy

Centercourt FC Mission Statement

Centercourt FC’s Player Development System is a multi-layered approach that provides a professional training environment for youth players. The youth programs are operated as part of the Red Bulls homegrown approach to player development. Centercourt FC draw on extensive support and expertise from the Red Bulls global soccer brand to offer the highest level of youth soccer programs in the Tri-State area. Our coaches receive extensive training that continues throughout their tenure with the Red Bulls and Centercourt FC, all supporting the coaches' goal: help players develop and reach their highest potential.

Our Philosophy

The Red Bulls Youth Program philosophy is very much in line with ours here at Centercourt and follows a researched and proven approach to player development. Ultimately, our goal is to create a fun and challenging environment where players have the opportunity to learn and compete.

Centercourt with its 750,000 sq ft of field space across eight facilities in NJ, where we train over 15,000 young athletes each year across numerous sports, is among the largest sports companies in the Northeast. We are very proud of our new partnership with the New York Red Bulls, a preeminent professional sports company in our home state of New Jersey. Centercourt's ownership of all of its best in class facilities is a unique advantage to being able to provide consistent year-round programming.

Together we plan to bring best in class offerings to our athletes through our respective methodologies supported by top-level coaching.

Commitment to Excellence

Here are some of the key elements of how our Red Bulls partnership will provide an elevated offering for our athletes:

  • Year-round professional training environment, combining Centercourt Club and Sports operational and facility expertise with the Red Bulls youth development expertise
  • Teams will continue to compete in high level regional competitions and tournaments along with special invitations to Red Bulls only club events
  • The Red Bulls Club program provides Centercourt FC with a comprehensive holistic training program
  • A complete club-development program will be implemented providing technical services throughout all age groups, daily program oversight, and long-term strategic leadership
  • As part of the Red Bulls player development pathway, Centercourt FC players will also be exposed to the Red Bulls RDS and Pre-Academy programs. This exposure will open up an opportunity for the most talented players to progress directly onto Red Bulls RDS and Pre-Academy Teams.

Red Bulls Approach to Development

The New York Red Bulls Youth Programs & Academy utilize a building block approach to player development. Players follow an initial path that is heavily focused on technique and skill development. As competency increases, tactical elements are introduced. The following diagram illustrates the New York Red Bulls Building Blocks of Player Development which is based on a player’s soccer-age: