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Ages 5-8yrs, 8-11yrs, 11-14yrs, 14-18yrs  Gender(s) Boys, Girls 
Sport(s) Tennis, Soccer, Girls Lacrosse, Performance Training, Centercourt Ninja  Location(s) Chatham, Gillette, Morristown, Montclair

Group/Team Training

Training Speed, agility, endurance and power. This is a program that tests athletic requirements for the elite teams within Centercourt.

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Our team of highly trained professionals will do an initial testing/evaluation and then continuously monitor throughout the program to identify strengths and help develop areas that need improvement.

A comprehensive report is submitted for each player. This report has thousands of data points for comparison and to test your players progress.

This program can also be made available to other teams. 



Group | Team Training

For more information and to register please contact our Program Director for Athletic Development