Tune-Up Camps

Ages 8-11yrs, 11-14yrs, 14-18yrs  Gender(s) Boys, Girls 
Sport(s) Strength and Conditioning  Location(s) Morristown

Centercourt Tune Up Camps are two week long camps designed to take a team from summer slump to game ready. Our certified strength and conditioning specialist will lead a complete collegiate level conditioning program to get your team prepared  for the fall season:

  • Workouts will include strength assessments and progressive programming to shock the muscular system back to life.
  • Aerobic and anaerobic conditioning programs to build up on field/court endurance.
  • Speed agility and power programs to have your athletes operating above your opponents.
  • Nutrition consultations with an accredited Dietitian to get back to proper eating habits.
  • Finally we will make sure your athletes stay healthy through recovery and injury reducing programs.

Camps will run the entire month of  August. Each day will be 1.5 hrs hours for a two week total of 15 hours of peak performance training. Nutrition consultations will happen at the beginning and end of each week. This is a total of 19 hours of coaching throughout the two weeks

Registration info

Team pricing starts at

  • $1260 for a team of 8 ($15.00/session)
  • $1404 for a team of 10 ($13.50/session)
  • $1488 for teams of 12  ($12.00/sessions)
  • $1650 for teams of 15 and over

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