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Ages 8-11yrs, 11-14yrs, 14-18yrs, 18+  Gender(s) Boys, Girls, Men, Women 
Sport(s) Tennis, Junior Development Tennis, Performance Tennis  Location(s) Chatham, Florham Park, Morristown

UTR LEAGUE - Powered by Centercourt

The North Jersey UTR League runs matches based on the Universal Tennis Rating. Universal Tennis Rating is an international standard and the current choice of colleges for player evaluation.

The UTR system was devised to encourage and facilitate competitive matches between similar rated players (more close matches = more fun!). This led to the development of a truly "universal" rating system and methodology called the Universal Tennis Rating System, based on principles not found in other tennis rating systems. UTR provides tennis players worldwide a common scale to determine their level of play and measures competitive levels of tennis players through every stage of their development.

How is your UTR calculated?

UTR is calculated based on each players last 30 match results for matches played within the last 12 months. The 16 levels of UTR are based on actual games won vs. games lost, without regard for age or gender to determine actual rating.

Why should my player play the UTR?

 - Parity

Players are guaranteed competitive matches against players that are at their level.

 - Play matches that matter

UTR matches are not practice matches. They are highly competitive matches in which all results are submitted to the UTR and will effect player rating. Even a good lose can improve a player's rating. Every game counts!

 - Schedule flexibility

Matches run all weekend and throughout the day. You can play when you are available. No need to wait around all day for your draws to be posted. All you need is 2-3 free hours in a weekend to join.

Want to know more?

For frequently asked questions click on the link to visit the Universal Tennis site https://universaltennis.com/faq

To register and for additional information on the League, please contact our League Director, Ari Zukerman at ari@centercourtclub.com



Centercourt Tennis Academy UTR Summer Series

Centercourt Tennis Academy announces the Summer Tournament Series. Three UTR tournaments throughout the summer consisting of 4 divisions.

June 22-24
July 13-15
August 10-12

4 Divisions
Under 3.0 UTR
Under 4.5 UTR
Under 6.0 UTR
Over 6.0 UTR