Private & Semi Private Training

Ages 5-8yrs, 8-11yrs, 11-14yrs, 14-18yrs, 18+  Gender(s) Boys, Girls, Men, Women 
Sport(s) Performance Training  Location(s) Chatham

Advanced Athletic Assessment and Performance Training Program

This Program is an all encompassing athletic screening, and personalized training program for athletes looking for the extra edge on the competition.

Each participant will have a screening and assessment which will look at

  1. Postural issues

  2. Muscle imbalances

  3. Functional movement patterns

  4. Potential injury inducing dysfunctions


After the initial screening all athletes will receive a personalized cloud based program which will include personalized

  1. Muscle activations to correct any imbalances

  2. Myofascial release work to address any excessive tightness

  3. Prehab routine of in home exercises to address any dysfunction

  4. Stretching and recovery program

Athletes in this program can also gain access to Personal Coaching with Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Tim Clifford, C.S.C.S, CPTA . 



Private & Semi Private Training


Assessment and personalized in-home program $110
Performance training package with Level 1 trainer $800 for ten sessions
Performance training package with level 2 trainer $1100 for ten sessions

Contact Director of Strength & Conditioning, TIm Clifford, for more information on our Fitness and Private/Semi Private Training options