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Sergio Salcedo

Sergio Salcedo

Tennis Coach


Chatham Florham Park

Favorite sport memory/moment/event is…..after coaching for a few years in Alicante, Juan Carlos Ferrero began to build his tennis academy. At that time Ferrero had not yet achieved a world #1 ranking and was only a very good junior player transitioning to the pro circuit. I saw how that academy was built from the ground up and realized that great dreams cannot be achieved unless one takes great chances and is willing to fail. It taught me that a great tennis academy is not just built on bricks and steel but it is built on its values.

Sergio Salcedo is a native of Alicante, Spain. He began playing tennis at the age of 7. Coach Salcedo has been teaching professional tennis internationally and in the United States since 1997. Salcedo is a Professional Tennis Registry certified instructor. He also holds professional certifications from the USTA for Youth Tennis certification. Power Systems certification levels 1 and 2.

Coach Salcedo’s extensive experience has taken to many academies around the world, including the Juan Carlos Ferrero Sports Academy in Alicante, Spain and Cairo, Egypt and The Sanchez-Casals Academy in Barcelona. Coach Salcedo has worked with all levels of players, from high performance youths, to beginner adults. Along the way he has learned that the joy is in the journey, not the destination.

Coach Salcedo’s travel and work around the globe have shaped his philosophies and his goal of being a coach that emphasizes communication. When a coach truly communicates with his students, he feels then they can truly work with the student, understand what they need, and the best way to achieve it.