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Rodrigo Vallejo

Rodrigo Vallejo

Tennis Coach

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My Favorite sports moment is ……when I represented my country the Dominican Republic at the 1996 Pan American  Games in Argentina were I competed against the #35 player of the World by the ATP Javier Frana. The most important sporting moment of my life was in 2007, when I was coaching Kei Nishikori we when to practice with Roger Federer for two weeks before Miami open. One of the most impressive things was that we set that Kei and I arrived at 10:40 am and Federer was there at 915 am.

From 1992-2003 Vallejo was the #1 player for singles and doubles for the Dominican Republic. Coach Vallejo won 26 consecutive games during the Davis Cup.  He is also the recipient of a recognition by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). Coach Vallejo worked as the Sub-Director of the Tennis Department for the Club Deportivo Naco in his native Dominican Republic.  Coach Vallejo founded of the Vallejo Tennis Training Academy. He also worked as the Head Trainer for the IMG Academy in the Florida where he was the head coach for Kei Nishikori as well as the traveling coach for Tommy Hass.


Coach Vallejo’s work philosophy is:  be consistent and work hard for what you want, keep a positive attitude and love what you do while not forgetting to enjoy the moment.