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Nicholas Leon

Nicholas Leon

Team Sports Coordinator

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My favorite sports event/memory/moment is ... has to be South Carolina Football Saturdays. In the south, Saturdays during college football season are like holidays. Nothing else exists but tailgatin’ and football…we left our studying for Sundays. The most important games were of course SEC games, but the rivalry against the Clemson Tigers always provided the most fun. Unfortunately, South Carolina is going through a rebuilding process at the moment, but when I was in school we had some of the best football years in the school’s history including a 5 game win-streak against the Tigers and finishing #4 in the Nation one year. The Carolina – Clemson games were always incredibly fun, from Sandstorm being played before the game to cheering along with 85,000 other fans made the atmosphere in the stadium unbelievable. I get goosebumps just thinking about the games and going back to catch one. Go Gamecocks!

Nick has a Bachelor’s of Science in Sport and Entertainment Management from the University of South Carolina. This degree has allowed him to hold positions with organizations such as Major League Baseball, the Tampa Bay Rays, the University of South Carolina athletic department, and the Charlotte Bobcats among others. He has gained diverse experience in various departments within the sports industry including in team operations, player development, baseball operations, events, and marketing. His love of sports inspires him to continue to grow in this industry.