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Mikko Sunico

Mikko Sunico

Tennis Coach

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My favorite sports event/memory/moment is ... the first time I hit a tweener in a tennis match.  My team had already finished their matches and their captain was the last one left to play against me. As I rallied against my opponent, I saw my opportunity to close in at the net.  But as I made my way passed the service line coming in, he anticipated it with a offensive lob. I changed directions as fast as I could and hustled back but I knew I didn’t have enough space between me and the fence or time, to run around it. So without thinking I sprinted straight towards the ball and hit it back between my legs right down the alley. I can never forget the look on my opponent’s face as he dropped his racket after the ball passed him, the point and the smile my high school coach gave me, and the sheer excitement of my friends.

As his first coach, Mikko’s father put a tennis racquet in his hand when he was 3 years old.  His passion for the sport began at that moment.  Growing up Mikko trained at various tennis camps such as Nike, BWTA, Randy Mani, and IMG Bolletieri.  At Belleville high school he qualified for States singles and team for all 4 years.  After graduating, Mikko became a coach with his goal: “teaching my passion to others”.  Mikko first started his career as a tennis coach in BWTA in Montclair, then later at Tiger Tennis in West Caldwell.  Mikko credits that his being part of the Centercourt Professional Team enhances his exhuberant passion for the game. Mikko enjoys the dynamic teaching culture at Centercourt where the tennis professionals share their energy, passion, and love for the game.  Mikko is PTR certified in 10 & under as well as 11 to 17.