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Mike Walker

Director of ASP Fitness

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My favorite sports event/memory/moment is…posting a 37 front, 35 back for a 72 at Grayhawk’s Raptor Course in Scottsdale, AZ.

Mike Walker, CSNC (Certified Sport Nutrition Coach), Master’s in Applied Exercise Science, Strength and Conditioning, Concordia University of Chicago.  Walker earned his BS from The College of New Jersey. Mike Walker is passionate about youth sports development. His philosophy on strength and conditioning is:   Sport enhancement and injury prevention are the bedrock of our approach. They go hand-in-hand to form the foundation of our athletic programming. A periodized training plan that follows general sports development, sport-specific development, and technical, tactical, and psychological training is essential to enhance performance. Combined with adequate tapering, recovery, and proper nutrition, our athletes safely achieve training adaptation, supercompensation, and measured sports enhancement.