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Michael O'Rawe

Michael O'Rawe

Tennis Coach


Chatham Florham Park

My favorite sports memories are…..  when I made states for my high school tennis team and had a strong enough record that enabled me to bring my brother to play with me. I felt honored being able to share this experience with my brother which made it super rewarding. My second favorite memory is while playing in a tournament, I lost my first set and was down 0-4 in the second to then come back to win in the super tie breaker. That experience changed my whole thought process about learning to compete until the very end. This experience helps me coach many of my athletes while they compete in their matches:  encouraging them to keep fighting!

I am a professional tennis registry certified instructor and had the opportunity to help teach at the Rafa Nadal Academy this year. I have been teaching since I was 14 years old helping with the Red Ball programs. I have been teaching full time for the last 4 years at various clubs in Northern New Jersey. 

I have a deep passion for tennis with both the physical and mental aspect of the game. I love sharing all my knowledge from my tournament experiences and how I was brought up as a junior tennis player.