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Justin Fernando

Justin Fernando

Tennis Coach

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My favorite sports event/memory/moment is ... I have two younger brothers that started playing tennis because I played.  I realized at an early age that they had great potential and a knack for the game.  While they were in high school, they met in county finals.  It was great watching both of them play against each other for a title.  Of course that day I was overcome with a whole range of emotions, good and bad, because I knew unfortunately there had to be a winner and a runner-up- not only from the same school, but the same household.  I watched the entire match as a happy brother but also as a proud coach.  

Justin’s commitment and passion for the game of tennis started at and early age. Justin played high school and college tennis. He currently serves as the USPTA New Jersey President.  Justin shares that he”truly loves his job” and that becoming “a teaching pro is easily the most rewarding thing he has done.”