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Jose Lara

Jose Lara

Director of Performance Programs - Chatham

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My favorite sports event/memory/moment is ...  from the last hardcourt national tournament that I played in 2003.  Hardcourt tournaments were difficult for me and I typically lost before the second round. 3 months prior to my last match, I lost in the semifinals of claycourt nationals to the #1 player after 3 ½ hours.  I immediately started preparing for the hardcourt national tournament, determined to beat the #1 player.  My work ethic and physical condition were at the top of my game.  The #1 player ended up not being able to compete because of illness. After 4 matches, I made the finals.  During the first set, a headache set in and I took something for the pain and said a prayer for my headache to go away.  I lost the first set 6-4; won the second set 6-0 and won the 3rd set in a tie break 8-6.  I was so proud that my hardwork and determination enabled me to achieve this victory.  

Jose is the Director of Performance Programs in Chatham and is a certified PTR 1 Tennis Professional. Jose joined Centercourt in 2008.  He has a very dynamic tennis background as he was the Number 2 player for 18 years for the Dominican Republic. He worked as the main coach for the Federation of tennis of Puerto Plata República Dominicana. He also worked as the practice coach and trained with Guillermo Vilas at the First Occidental Tennis Academy. He spent many years developing his tennis background and leadership skills in the Dominican Republic prior to coming to the US, and Centercourt.