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Ivan Gonzalez

Ivan Gonzalez

Tennis Coach

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My favorite sports event/memory/moment is ... the 2012 Australian Open with my friends watching the final of Djokovic and Nadal. It was the most intense match I have ever seen. My favorite event is the US Open.  My favorite moment in sports is when I made the decision to switch from soccer to tennis.  I love to play soccer but tennis changed my life completely.

Ivan Gonzalez grew up in Cali, Colombia where initially soccer was his main sport. Coach Ivan did not start to play tennis until high school, but once he picked up a racquet he trained everyday and earned a full scholarship to play in the high performance group at the Bogota Tennis League. Soon after, Ivan began his coaching career at this club teaching in the 10 & under program. After two years of training full time and teaching, Ivan earned his degree in Sports Management. Upon moving to the United States, coach Ivan began at Centercourt as a volunteer coach in the afternoons and weekends. Ivan soon joined the ranks of Centercourt’s full time staff where he enjoys sharing his for the game, helping players achieve their goals as they grow in the Centercourt program. Coach Ivan challenges his players everyday and pushes them towards their next goal. Coach Ivan stresses to his players that if they want to be good at tennis, they need dedication and hard work day in and day out. Ivan is a USPTA certified coach.