Centercourt Instructors

My favorite sports event/moment/memory is….. when my first player got a winning place at a tournament.  The amount of joy that I had was priceless. 

Coach Kireev is an ITF Level 1 Level 0 Coach (Ages 3 through Advanced players). For the last 3 years Kireev has been working with different age groups players on the Russian national team. 

Kireev has coached for more than 6 years in various tennis academies in Russia.  Coach Kireev graduated with a bachelor's degree at a University in Russia where he majored in physical education.

Igor’s coaching philosophy is strong in developing the Fundamentals of players at an early age. His speciality is teaching young players and he believes that with quality coaching anything is possible for players that love the game. 

Coach Igor has also spent recent years travelling on the WTA and ITF Tour with touring players. He is also a 10+ UTR level player and enjoys working with Elite Players in live ball sparring especially when preparing for big events. 

Coach Kireev comes from a family of athletes and teachers in various fields and was always inspired to be a professional athlete and coach.  As a fellow left hand player, his tennis idol is Rafael Nadal.