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Christine Stevralia

Christine Stevralia

Director of Academics

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My favorite sports event/memory/moment is ... those few seconds in pole vaulting where you feel the pole bend back and then spring straight, launching you into the air, when you start to let go and push the pole away, but your body’s still rising, and you experience a brief moment of weightlessness. Or maybe that moment in sailing when a strong wind hits, threatening to knock the boat sideways, and you launch yourself into a full hike, feet tucked under the straps, jib sheet cutting into your hand, as you lean as far as you can off the side of the boat, with the wind and the spray in your face, to try to keep her flat.

Director Stevralia graduated Cum Laude from Tufts University, where she was a student-athlete specializing in sailing and pole vaulting. She has a Master’s degree in Writing from the University of New Orleans and served in the Peace Corps as an education volunteer in Cameroon. She has over 8 years of experience as an educator and has worked closely with both American and International students from every continent (except Antarctica). She speaks English and French and is pursuing certification as a practitioner of body psychotherapy. Christine believes in the importance of the mind-body connection to improve and maintain the health, discipline, and performance of student-athletes, particularly in tennis, where mental fortitude is just as crucial as the physical. She has written a screenplay which is under consideration by producers and is finishing her first book. She is passionate about sharing her love of learning and fearless ambition with the students she works with.