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Caleb Astwood

Caleb Astwood

Performance Coach & Assistant to Opperations

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My favorite sports memory/moment/event is….. the first trip I took with my family to the US Open where we watched Andy Roddick play in the third round and win. It was an amazing moment for me as a fan but also as a student of the game.  Watching players compete at the highest level at one of the greatest tennis stages in the world was amazing. For a young player from a small island nation, this experience was like nothing I had ever seen before and opened my mind to the amazing possibilities tennis can provide. 


Caleb Astwood is an alumni of Centercourt’s High Performance Full Time Tennis Program and competed at the collegiate level at Wittenberg University, where he represented in the top 3 for both Singles and Doubles.  

As a player, Caleb is held in high esteem for his work ethic and consistency in his performances, all of which has seen him compete Nationally and Internationally at ITF World Juniors.   

Coach Caleb brings not only an accomplished playing career but also having lived the Student Athlete experience he relates very well to our Centercourt Performance Athletes.  He has attended numerous Coaching Certifications and Workshops mostly notably becoming an ATPCA Level One Internationally Qualified Coach.  

His passion area is unique and relates to Competition, effective scheduling and how to best create a successful competitive plan which compliments a players personal training objectives.  As such he is also our Tournament Specialist and Match Charting & Analytics Lead Coach.  

Caleb's Coaching Philosophy is based around Modern Tennis and the importance of understanding your own personal Game-style to be effective in competition.