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Ali Kreisinger

Ali Kreisinger

Girls Lacrosse Coach

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Girls Lacrosse

My favorite sports event/memory/moment is ... when I was a young girl watching my brother play travel hockey. He was on a team called the Avalanche and we used to travel all around to play in tournaments. The one tournament that really stuck with me the most was when he was playing in Ottawa, Canada. My brother's team had made it to the championship game. For the whole game, the two teams were going back and forth in scoring goals until the game finally ended in a 3-3 tie. The game would now be going into overtime. I remember watching and being so excited but also so nervous since it was sudden death rules and the first team to score takes it all! Both teams came out fighting hard but no shots were going in for either side. It came down to the last three minutes of overtime when my brother got the puck passed to him off a clear, after a save. He skated up the ice, took his shot and it went in! The whole crowd erupted and his team won the championship game! I'll always remember looking on from the stands watching my older brother win that game for his team. I was so proud him and all his hard work and dedication during that game, as well as the happiness on his face taking home the trophy from that game.

Ali brings years of playing and coaching experience to Centercourt Girls Lacrosse. Ali has coached at Club and Recreational lacrosse levels in addition to serving as Director of  Girls Lacrosse training camps.    Ali played at Drew University and Pope John XXII high school.  Ali hold degrees in Educaion and Psychology from Drew University and is currently an elementary teacher in Butler, NJ.