Junior Tennis at Centercourt places players within a pathway to achieve their tennis goals. [CPAP]

We strongly emphasize that success come from setting goals and working hard to accomplish them.

Our stripes and challenge card system track a player’s progress along the pathway and give clear goals for them to achieve.

  • Our stripe system is introduced after players move up from Centercourt I.
  • These stripes are added to the player’s racquets for constant reminders about the goals they are working towards.
  • There are stripes for technical competencies and intangibles we want to recognize and promote in every player.
  • Once these are complete, a Challenge Card will be scheduled with a lead coach.
  • Our Challenge Cards assess different physical and hitting skills based on the class they are taking.
Sportsmanship, Attitude, Focus, and Effort [S. A. F. E.] the four intangible pillars that encompass our program. Every player that comes through our pathway is going to be encouraged to and rewarded for displaying our intangibles: S. A. F. E.

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Red Ball

Red Low Compression Balls on 36 Foot Courts

Centercourt I (3-5 years old)

This class is the beginning of your players journey through our Player Achievement Pathway (CPAP). In this first level, our goal is to get them to love the game of tennis while establishing a good fundamental base with their technique and athletic skills.

  • Racquets are between 17 to 19 inches
  • Players work towards completing their red and orange stripes


Centercourt II (6-8.5 years old)

Players will focus on improving their movement and rallying skills. We guide each player through the development of their tennis mechanics and shot consistency. We use fun agility, balance, coordination and movement activities to improve a player’s athleticism.

  • Racquets are  between 19, 21, or 23 inches
  • Players work towards completing their green and yellow stripes

Red Ball Edge

Coaches mentor players to achieve technical proficiency in order to rally with other players. This will develop and improve their long-term tennis and athletic skill development. Players with a solid tennis foundation, high energy and a love of the game are ideal for this program. Players will have good shot consistency and are able to direct their serve, ground strokes and volleys. At this point, players are working to move up to Centercourt IV  upon completion of their black stripe. We utilize progressive drills and extensive live ball activities throughout the session.

  • Invitation only program
  • Racquets are between 21 and 23 inches
  • Players work towards completing their blue and black stripes

Orange Ball (8.5 – 10.5 years old)

Orange Ball Low Compression Balls on 60 Foot Courts

Centercourt III

This class is for beginners and advanced beginners in which developing technique and good habits are the main points of focus. Players will participate in fun and competitive games to learn how to consistently rally, serve and play singles.

  • Racquets are 21, 23, or 25 inch
  • Players work towards completing their purple stripe


Centercourt IV

Players refine their tennis technique, athletic and court coverage skills in order to achieve success in rallying consistency and in point playing on a 60 ft court. A variety of fun and competitive games are used to develop a strong foundation of tennis fundamentals. Top spin consistency, ball direction, and serving with the correct grip are all key elements to this class.

  • Racquets are 21, 23, or 25 inch
  • Players work towards completing their brown stripe

Orange Ball Edge 

This is the start of the competitive pathway where players commit to playing twice a week and compete in our box leagues and/or USTA sanctioned Orange Ball Tournaments or Team Tennis. This player has sound technique, understands match play, and can cover the court efficiently with advanced footwork patterns. Coaches will focus on the development of primary patterns, shot recognition, and point play construction in each player. We also emphasize and demonstrate how to load with the legs properly from different positions on the court.  The key elements for player success include a high level of player commitment, good focus, high energy and a passion of the game. We primarily use orange balls in our training sessions but may introduce the use of green balls towards the end of the session.

  • Racquets are graphite and no longer than 25 inches
  • Should be competing, ie: Centercourt Box Leagues, Junior Team Tennis, USTA Orange Ball Tournaments
  • Players work towards completing their black stripe
  • Invitation Only Program

Green Ball (10.5-12.5 years old)

Green Low Compression Balls on a 78 Foot Courts

This class is for our advanced beginner to intermediate level player. Players are learning how to rally consistently with proper technique. When a player is ready to move up to Green Ball Edge, they should be able to serve, rally and score with confidence. Coaches will accomplish these goals through hand fed, racquet fed and live ball progression drills. Coaches provide constant feedback and assign corrections to players to give them a point of focus throughout the session.

  • Players work towards completing their silver stripe

Green Ball Edge

This training session emphasizes all aspects of the game and helps improve proper shot technique. Focus is placed on live ball drills that develop rallying and decision-making skills along with proper movement and recovery. Point playing games are used to reinforce the skills learned and to improve a players competitive skills. Using teaching progressions that lead to live ball play is a key element in this program.

  • Players should be competitive in our Green Ball Box League, Green Ball Junior Team Tennis, and/or Green Ball USTA Tournaments
  • Players work towards completing their black stripe

**Yellow Ball**


This two hour class is focused on players 11 years and older that want to improve their tennis and competitive skills. Players can expect to work on and improve their technical, tactical and strategic tennis skills as well as movement and athletic skills. Most of these players aspire to play middle school, high school and/or USTA tournament tennis. Our live-ball training and competitive play drills are designed to improve your singles and doubles play, and your success in match-play situations.

High School Training

The High School Training Program is designed to prepare players to compete at the high school varsity and junior varsity levels. These players may also choose to compete in tournaments as part of their developmental pathway. Players should be in high school or a rising freshman. Players will develop solid technique and strategies needed for both singles and doubles competition. Players will work on key point construction, varied serves (flat, topspin, and slice), mental toughness, weapon development, doubles point development, and doubles communication. This program includes a fitness, agility, footwork, and conditioning component to develop the player’s strength and movement.

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