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Red Ball

This class provides an encouraging environment where fundamental tennis skills are taught along with a wide range of fun activities that help develop agility, balance, movement, sending, receiving and gross motor skills on a 36 ft court.

  • In addition to learning tennis skills, players improve their movement and rallying skills.
  • We help each player to develop better tennis mechanics and more consistent shots.
  • A variety of fun activities are used to improve player athleticism through agility, balance, coordination and movement development.

Orange Ball

Players develop their tennis technique, athletic and court coverage skills in order to achieve success in rallying consistency and in point playing on a 60 ft court.

  • A variety of fun and competitive games are used to develop a strong foundation of tennis fundamentals.
  • Players increase their rallying, volley, serve and point playing skills while improving their athleticism and shot consistency.
  • Players will focus on using the proper shot techniques and court coverage skills before moving on to a 78 ft court.

Green Ball

This class emphasizes all aspects of the game and helps improve proper shot technique.

  • Focus is placed on live ball drills that develop rallying and decision making skills along with proper movement and recovery.
  • Point playing games are used to reinforced the skills learned and to improve the player’s competitive skills.
  • Using teaching progressions that lead to live-ball play is a key element in this program.
  • This 2-hour class is played with green dot balls on a 78 ft court.

**Yellow Ball**

This two hour class is focused on players 11 years and older that want to improve their tennis and competitive skills.

  • Players can expect to work on and improve their technical, tactical and strategic tennis skills as well as movement and athletic skills.
  • Most of these players aspire to play middle school, high school and/or USTA tournament tennis.
  • Our live-ball training and competitive play drills are designed to improve your singles and doubles play, and your success in match-play situations.

High School Training

The High School Training Program is designed to prepare players to compete at the high school varsity and junior varsity levels.

  • These players may also choose to compete in tournaments as part of their developmental pathway.
  • Players should be in high school or a rising freshman.
  • Players will develop solid technique and strategies needed for both singles and doubles competition.
  • Players will work on key point construction, varied serves (flat, topspin, and slice), mental toughness, weapon development, doubles point development, and doubles communication.
  • This program includes a fitness, agility, footwork, and conditioning component to develop the player’s strength and movement.

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