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When not on the court training, full-time students are learning and studying at the Academic Center.  Through our strong partnership with Laurel Springs and Dwight School, our student-athletes receive a superb educational experience, which is unbridled by any other sports academy in the area. Our Academic Center is staffed with the Director and Academic Support Specialists, who are all keen on the current trends and requirements of today’s students. 

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The full-time academic program at Centercourt begins with a 3-hour morning academic session where students focus on attending their online courses with the supervision and assistance of our academic personnel. The afternoon study hall session includes another period where students can continue independent learning.  Similar to traditional school, student-athletes are expected to complete any assignments not completed during the academic sessions at home. Coaches and academic staff coordinate and allocate appropriate time in order to balance and maximize each student-athlete’s training and studying. 

In addition to academic activities, extracurricular events are planned and hosted throughout the year including holiday-themed parties, spelling bees, and field trips to provide student-athletes a well-rounded and stimulating environment for growth and development. 

In the state of the art Academic Center the students are supervised by four Academic Support Specialists as well as the Director of Student Services.  We offer different types of extra support. Our Academic Support Specialists can help with tutoring in all subject as well as ACT/SAT prep.

With our unique approach to education, set Academic hours and our support, our students are maximizing their potential in the class room. We work on a set, firm schedule to ensure that all students are on track with their academic work. We take any tournament in consideration and work on schedules to make sure the players are not falling behind.

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